Presentation Guidelines

  • Prepare your presentation in PowerPoint for a 16:9 screen.
  • Place your presentation on a USB drive and take it to the conference with you.
  • Your presentation file should be named as follows to allow us to find the right presentations in the right order for the session:
    • session_paper-number-in-session_your_name
    • e.g. CS3-I_2_Myeongha_Hwang.pptx (see example below)
  • In the meal break immediately before your presentation session, and at least 10 minutes before the start of the session, go to the room where you are presenting and give the USB drive to the room coordinator (not the session chair).
  • The coordinator will load your presentation onto the conference laptop in a folder for your session and return the USB drive to you.
  • When it is your turn to present, open your presentation from the laptop folder and make your presentation as usual being sure to use the microphone on the lectern.
    • Powerpoint will be in two-screen presenter mode, be sure you are familiar with it.
    • A Logitech Presenter (laser pointer and slide advance) will be available for you.
  • The laptop screen will be shared on Zoom so the on-line audience can see and hear your presentation.
  • Remember, the on-line delegates can not see where you point with the laser pointer so use the laptop pointer if you need to.
  • Once your presentation and questions are finished close the presentation in preparation for the next presenter.
    • The room coordinator will be available to help you.
    • The room coordinator will delete all the presentations in the folder at the end of the session.
  • You are expected to be in the presentation room for the entire duration of the session you are presenting in. DO NOT turn up just before your scheduled presentation time.

At the conference venue you must use the conference laptops for your presentation. You will not be able to present in-person directly from your computer. No exceptions!