The call for workshops and special session is now closed. Two special sessions were accepted in the framework of SIN 2015. If you would like to submit your paper to a special session, please use the paper submission system of SIN 2015 (, choose "Main Conference" as a track of your paper, and then select the subject area of your paper as either "[Special Session] Detecting and Preventing Fraud with Data Analytics" or "[Special Session] Cybersecurity of Large-Scale and Distributed Systems". The registration policy for regular SIN 2015 participants applies equally to authors and visitors of the special sessions. Authors of special session talks receive all the benefits of regular SIN 2015 authors.


The following special sessions will be organized at SIN 2015:


1. Detecting and Preventing Fraud with Data Analytics

Cyber fraud, money-laundering and terrorism financing are amongst the biggest security threats today. Emerging challenges include countering virtual currency money laundering and multi-billion healthcare fraud. With the increasing amounts of available data, new opportunities emerge for innovative and intelligent techniques to detect suspected fraudulent behavior. Businesses are increasingly turning to Big Data analytics to predict fraud in real-time. There is a growing need in a workshop focused on research-intensive and innovative technology approaches, rather than pure economic issues. By summarizing findings from practical studies, worskhop attendees will gain better insight into the latest research and developments in financial and social security. 

Main topics of interest include, but are not limited to   

  • Big Data and real-time analytics to prevent fraud 
  • Data mining techniques in fraud detection  
  • Intelligent anti-money laundering systems  
  • Fraud network analysis  
  • Forensic data analysis  
  • Fraud risk assessment techniques  
  • Fraud detection with visual analytics 


Alexey Tselykh, Southern Federal University, Russia
E-Mail: tselykh [at] sfedu dot ru
Phone: +79185116226 


2. Cybersecurity of Large-Scale and Distributed Systems

Research in cyber security is nowadays one of the hottest topics in computer science. This is because security is of capital importance to the development of a sustainable, resilient and prosperous cyber world. Safety, security and resilience are central to realise the socio-economic benefits of the Cyberspace. This includes protecting crucial assets ranging from Critical Infrastructures to individual's Personal Information, and it spans domains like Cloud computing, Smart GRID, Virtual Systems, Social Networks, Electronic Commerce, Internet of Things and many more. Approaches that are intelligent and self-adaptable are required to deal with the complexities of effectively protecting these crucial assets in all these domains. This workshop will focus on long term technology research that enables extreme scale and distributed systems integrity, trust, resilience that can be applied to a range of applications. This workshop will focus on Large-Scale and Distributed Systems. In this course system like IoT, Supercomputing, etc., differ from current systems by scale and level of complexity and security related events. We suggest to discuss the methods of security application for situation when the object have huge scale and heterogeneous structure. 

Main topics of interest include, but are not limited to 

  • Security modeling of Large-Scale and Distributed Systems 
  • Large-Scale GRID and Data Protection 
  • Secure Supercomputer OR Supercomputer for Security 
  • A posteriori approaches for Large-Scale systems security 
  • Internet of Things Security on a global scale 
  • Big Data for Distributed Systems security analysis 


Dmitry Moskvin, Saint-Peterburg Polytechnical University, Russia
damoskvin [at] ibks dot ftk dot spbstu dot ru
Phone: +7 (812) 535-28-06