Sultanhanı is a town in Aksaray Province, Turkey. It is named after the famous han within the town.

Sultanhanı is at at 38°15′N 33°33′E. The distance to Aksaray is about 40 kilometres (25 mi) and to the south coast of Lake Tuz is 20 kilometres (12 mi). The population of the town is 10330 as of 2010 making it one of the most populous towns of the province.

Presently, Sultanhanı is not on one of the main highways of Turkey. But it was one of the most important stops in caravan routes during the Middle Ages. The 4,866 square metres (52,380 sq ft) Seljuk han, which was commissioned by Alaattin Keykubat is considered one of the best preserved hans of the Seljuk period. After the age of discovery, like other caravan routes the Sultanhanı han became neglected.

Another milestone in local history was the Battle of Sultanhanı (also called the Battle of Aksaray) in 1256, where a Mongol army under the command of Baiju defeated the Seljuks.

Although the land around Sultanhanı is quite salty, the town economy is flourishing. Main agricultural products are cereal and sugar cane, produced by mechanized agriculture. There is a sugar mill in the town. Another profitable business is ancient rug and carpet restoration. Some people are employed in stock breeding.

Source: (February, 2013)

Sultanhani town has a long history in the carpet trade. Majority its residents earn their livelihood from the carpet and rug industry. The reputation of the township of Sultanhani is known to all carpet dealers from around the world. It houses specialized shops expert in restauration and repair of all kinds of old and antique carpets,kilims,sumaks, so on from Anatolia, Caucasus and Persia. Repairers use hand-spun wool dyed with natural colors matching the original texture and design.