Aksaray University:

Date of Foundation : 17 March 2006
Rector :  Prof. Dr. Mustafa Acar
Vice Rectors : Prof. Dr. Kadir YILDIZ, Prof. Dr. İbrahim BAKIRTAŞ

Secretary General : Prof. Dr. İbrahim BAKIRTAŞ
Contact Information: Aksaray University, Rectorate Building, Aksaray 68100, Turkey.               

Official Webpage :  www.aksaray.edu.tr; some content in English: http://iro.aksaray.edu.tr  
Type of University : State University
Language of Instruction : Turkish
Location : Aksaray Üniversitesi Yerleşkesi E-90 Karayolu 7. Km  68100 / Aksaray   TURKEY

Academic Units : 8 Faculties, 6 Vocational Schools, 5 Schools, 2 graduate institutes

The Number of Academic Staff : 523

The Number of Administrative Staff : 239

The Number of Students : 10.834


Founded on March 17, 2006 Aksaray University offers education with 104 programmes at four faculties, five schools, five vocational schools and  two institutes. The programmes currently admitting students are as follows :

Mission - Vision

The main goal of our university is to provide education on the basis of contemporary and universal values in accordance with Atatürk's principles and revolutions with its young, qualified, and dynamic academic staff. Accordingly, the mission of our university is to bring up individuals who research, investigate, are participative and aware of cultural values by utilizing universal science, arts, and technology deposition and to serve humanity by contributing to the development of its region and country with its researches and publishings.Maintaining educational and academic tasks with its academic staff consisting of well-educated young and qualified academicians and assistants, Aksaray University has acknowledged being a university praised for both a member and a rival of science, arts, and technology world with its researches, education and publishings as a vision.

Source: iro.aksaray.edu.tr (February, 2013)