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Papers should include the title, author's name(s), affiliation, mailing address, telephone, fax and email of the principal author.

All papers (full, short, industrial, student, position, fast abstract, poster, tools demo) will be reviewed by at least three members of the reviewers judging based on their originality, significance, correctness, presentation and relevance.

Acceptance and final category depend on reviewer feedback.  All accepted papers will be published by ACM Press in the conference proceedings and placed into the ACM Digital Library.

Extended versions of selected papers will be invited for possible publication in a special issue of international journals. At the present a special issue on security of information and network in Elsevier Journal of Information Security and Applications (JISA); others TBA.  

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The SIN'13 main conference will take place during 26-28th November. Conference program is available through the Conference Program tab on the leftside menu.


Submission Selections:


1. This list is for information only; notifications have been sent.

2. Phase 2 Submission Selections follow Phase 1 list below.


Full Papers:
Paper ID Paper Title
107 Conviction Model Insight for Incident Reaction Architecture Monitoring based on Automatic Sensors Alert Detection
112 On The Case Of Incremental Asymmetric Signatures
113 S-Box Construction from Non-Permutation Power Functions
116 Obligations to Enforce Prohibitions: On the Adequacy of Security Policies
118 Authenticated Key Agreement in Wireless Networks with Automated Key Management
123 On authentication factors: “what you can” and “how you do it”
125 Secure and practical threshold RSA
130 Counterfeiting Attacks on Block-Wise Dependent Fragile Watermarking Schemes
137 An Authentication Framework for Peer-to-Peer Cloud
138 Verification of OSPF Vulnerabilities by Colored Petri ‎Net‎
142 SAT Based Analysis of LTE Stream Cipher ZUC
144 Generalized Approach to Modeling User Activity Graphs for Network Security and Public Safety Monitoring
145 Efficient and Robust Data Aggregation Using Untrusted Infrastructure
149 Biometric Verification Using Brain Waves toward On-Demand User Management Systems - Performance differences between divided regions in alpha-beta wave band
154 Continuous Security Evaluation and Auditing of Remote Platforms by Combining Trusted Computing and Security Automation Techniques
158 ProClick: A Framework for Testing Clickjacking Attacks in Web Applications
160 AndroSimilar : Robust Statistical Feature Signature for Android Malware Detection
172 Robust Periocular Recognition by Fusing  Local to Holistic Sparse Representations
115# Cryptanalysis of RC4(n,m) Stream Cipher
124# Blinded additively homomorphic encryption schemes for self-tallying voting
Short Papers:
Paper ID Paper Title
103 Metamodel for Reputation based Agents System –  Case Study for Electrical Distribution SCADA Design 
114 Countering AES Static S-Box Attack
117 Social Access Control Language (SocACL)
127 A Possibilistic Approach to Intrusion Detection Under Imperfect Logging Protocol
128 Hand Shape Recognition Using Hu and Legendre Moments
132 An HBAC-based approximation for IBAC programs
140 An access control framework for hybrid policies
148 An Empirical Study of Three Access Control Systems
156 Multicollisions in sponge construction
164 Digital Camera Identification System 
171 Towards static code analysis of data-driven applications through common lingua and the Semantic Web technologies
173 Complexity Measurement of a Password for Keystroke Dynamics: Preliminary Study
Position Papers:
Paper ID Paper Title
108 Information protection systems based on universal knapsack problem
110  Mitigating Vulnerabilities in 3-Factor Based Authentication
129 Expert Key Selection Impact on the MANETs' Performance Using Probabilistic Key Management Algorithm
152 Influence of S-Boxes to the Resistance of GOST Algorithm against Linear Cryptanalysis 
170 Secure Yet Faster String Processing
Fast Abstract Papers:
Paper ID Paper Title
111 Security Policy Verification in Grid Systems
119 Quantitative Risk Assessment and vulnerable paths of  Security Network
120 Visual Steganalysis of LSB-encoded Audio Data based on Frequency Domain Characteristics
126 Authorized! Access Denied, Unauthorized! Access Granted
143 An improvement to AdjointVM Intrusion Detection Approach for Cloud Computing
146 A Finite Transition Model for Security Protocol Verification (Student contribution)
150 Development of a secure cluster wireless sensor network model
159 A Key Management Scheme for Content Centric Networks
161 About responsibilities distribution for information security
162 A Clique-Based Method for Mining Fuzzy Graph Patterns in Anti-Money Laundering Systems
167 A Novel Approach for Dynamic Authorisation Planning in Constrained Workflow Systems
Poster Papers:
Paper ID Paper Title
100 Airplane Anti Hijacking System
109 EndNote vs Zotero in Searching Library Catalog via Z39.50 of Academic Libraries in Thailand
139 Building of mathematical model of flow data processing system based on given selection of elements of the set.  
147 D0M-WLAN:A Traffic Analysis Based Approach For Detecting Malicious Activities on Wireless Networks 
151 Securing the virtual machine images in Cloud computing
153 Fast Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol approach to get IP address in a round trip time
155 Implementing Real-Time Transactional Security Property using Timed Edit Automata
163 Development the method of detection the malicious pages interconnection in the Internet
165 An Efficient Genetic Algorithm Based Intrusion Detection System
166 A New Architecture for Distributed Intrusion Detection System
168 Towards A Dynamic Authorisation Planning Satisfying Intra-instance and Inter-Instance Constraints
175 On Designing Automatic Reaction Strategy for Critical Infrastructure SCADA System
Full Papers:
Paper ID Paper Title
180 Analysing Attribute Aggregation Models in Federated Identity Management
184 Anonymity and Privacy in Multicast Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
195 Impact Analysis of JellyFish Attack on TCP-based Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
202 Security Vulnerabilities in SAML based Single Sign-On Authentication in Cloud 
203 A Flexible Framework For Detecting IPv6 Vulnerabilities
204 Exploring Attack Vectors Facilitated by Miniaturized Computers
207 Using Transition Systems to Model and Verify the Implementation of Security Protocol
208 Privacy and Security in IPv6 Networks: Challenges and Possible Solutions
210 Designing flexible Access Control models for the Cloud
213 MAIL: Malware Analysis Intermediate Language - A Step Towards Automating and Optimizing Malware Detection
Short Papers:
Paper ID Paper Title
178  CGA integration into IPsec/IKEv2 Authentication
185 Application of Support Vector Machines in Intrusion Detection System Using Polynomial Kernel Function
186 Secure True Random Number Generator in WLAN/LAN
187 Public Key Infrastructure for UAE: A Case Study
191 An Improved Fault-Tolerant Conference-Key Protocol with Forward Secrecy
192 Web Application Vulnerabilities: Detection and Automatic Correction with Fixes
193 Nature Inspired Heuristics for attack  of Simplified DES algorithm
194 The Darker Side of Firefox Extension
201 Bivariate Classification of Malware in JavaScript using Dynamic Analysis
205 A Review on Cloud Security
Fast Abstract Papers:
Paper ID Paper Title
179 Features Extraction of Fingerprint by using Firefly Algorithm
182 Performance analysis of the developed mandatory access control system in the DBMS
183 Multilayer secured SIP based VOIP Architecture 
196 A protocol for simultaneous use of confidentiality and integrity in large-scale storage systems
197 A novel method for image encryption by using genetic algorithm
198 Using quadrocopter as a pentest tool
212 Hybrid Method for Image Steganography Using GA and Independent Components Analysis Technique
Poster Papers:
Paper ID Paper Title
211 The method of the information security risk assessment in cloud computing systems
220 Preventing Malicious Data Harvesting from Deallocated Memory Areas