Organization Committee:

Conference Chair: Atilla Elçi, Aksaray University, Turkey
Conference Co-Chair: Manoj Singh Gaur, Malaviya National Institute of Tech.,  India
Conference Co-Chair: Mehmet Orgun, Macquarie University, Australia
Conference Co-Chair: Oleg Makarevich, Southern Federal University, Russia
Program Chair: Alexander Chefranov, Eastern Mediterranean Univ., North Cyprus
Program Co-Chair: Vijay Laxmi, Malaviya National Institute of Technology, India
Program Co-Chair: Josef Pieprzyk, Macquarie University, Australia
Program Co-Chair: Ludmila Babenko, SFedU, Taganrog, Rostov, Russia
Program Co-Chair: Berna Örs Yalçın, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
Tutorials Chair: Behnam Rahnama, European University of Lefke, North Cyprus
Tutorials Co-Chair: Olga Peskova, SFedU, Taganrog, Russia
Tutorials Co-Chair: B.Bazewada, IIIT, Hyderabad, Dr. Virendra Singh, IIT Bombay India
Workshops Chair: Tuğkan Tuğlular, İzmir Institute of Technology, Turkey
Workshops Co-chair: Evgeny Tumoyan, SFedU, Taganrog, Russia
Workshops Co-chair: Parvez Faruki, MNIT Jaipur, India

Posters Chair:  Md. Sadek Ferdous, University of Glasgow, UK

Fast Abstracts Chair:  Alev Elçi, Aksaray University, Turkey

Industry Program Chair: Christophe Feltus, CRP Henri Tudor, Luxembourg
Local Arrangements Chair: Himmet Karadal, Aksaray University, Turkey
Local Arrangements Co-Chair: Mehmet R. Tolun, Aksaray University, Turkey
Local Arrangements Co-Chair: Celal Karaca, Aksaray University, Turkey
Publication Chair: Alexey Nekrasov, SFedU, Taganrog, Russia
Publication Chair: Sonal Yadav, MNIT Jaipur, India
Finance Chair: Zeynep Duman, Aksaray University, Turkey
Registration Chair: Haci Özışık, Aksaray University, Turkey
Registration Co-Chair: Ekaterina Pakulova, SFedU, Taganrog, Russia
Registration Co-Chair: Smita Naval, MNIT Jaipur, India
e-Presence Chair: Muhammet Saygın, Aksaray University, Turkey
Promotion Chair: Yasin Çelik, Aksaray University, Turkey
Promotion Co-Chair: Muhammet Saygın, Aksaray University, Turkey
Promotion Co-Chair: Maxim Anikeev, SFedU, Taganrog, Russia
Promotion Co-Chair: Vinod P., SSET, Cochin, India
Logo, certificates & covers designs: Efe Cem Elçi, Turkish Airlines, Turkey
Conference poster design: Abdullah Singin, Muhammet Saygın, Aksaray University, Turkey 
Volunteers Team: Celal Karaca, Aksaray University, Turkey
                         Students of Department of Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Aksaray University, Turkey
                         Students of Department of Management Information Systems, Aksaray University, Turkey


Organized by:

  • Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Aksaray University, Aksaray, Turkey
  • Department of Computer Engineering, Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur
  • The Centre  for Advanced  Computing  - Algorithms  and Cryptography  (ACAC)  & The Information  and Networked  Systems  Security (INSS) & Intelligent Systems Group (ISG), Dept. of Computing, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
  • Department of Security of Information Technologies, South-Russian Regional Scientific-Educational Center for Information Security Problems, Southern Federal University, Taganrog, Rostov, Russia
  • Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Ahiler Development Agency, Turkey.

 Hosted by:

  • Aksaray University, Aksaray, Turkey